Diana Lynn Carter


Diana Lynn Carter (also known as Nana Diana) has had a creative career that has spanned more than 40 years. Diana is a teaching artist at Creative Kids Performing Arts. She has been teaching children’s music and theater in public schools, private schools, through organizations, and at performing arts studios since 1996. She has also taught staff development workshops. Her focus has been, “How to integrate the arts with core subjects offering a creative way to learn.” Many of her children’s songs and plays reflect her philosophy. Her library of original songs includes her fun, upbeat, and memorable melodies. Many of her songs include social concepts and educational content. These include lyrics about: science, nature, history, social skills, community, respect, diversity, dance terms, inclusion, rhythm and beat, singing, friendship, and music terms. Diana also incorporates various styles of music in her songs.


Behind the scenes
Diana studied creative arts, journalism, and music as an undergrad in college and later, went to graduate school to study teaching at Chapman University. She has been a professional writer in newspapers, a writer/producer and voice talent on children’s radio, radio news, and in television. She has also been a voice actor in commercials, film projects, and online media. A vocalist and musician, Diana has recorded several children’s music albums and has written and directed numerous plays and productions.


Diana’s most recent children’s music album, “We Share Our World,” was released in July 2022. Her music is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, creativekidsmusic.com, Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube. Diana’s music is also available for licensing at www.musicsupervisor.com. She is the mother of two creative daughters, grandmother of four fun and imaginative grandchildren, and is the human mom to an energetic golden retriever.

Diana Lynn Carter

Artistic Director